“I took a three hour walking tour of the historic centre of Florence. I would definitely recommend it.  Helen clearly has a passionate interest in the City and it’s history and is very knowledgeable about the subject. Her enthusiasm was obvious and she provided a tour that was both very informative and also entertaining. I visit Florence occasionally but have never had the opportunity to take a professionally guided tour before. After this very positive experience I hope to take another  tour when I next visit.”

A. Morgan

Manchester, UK, Visited May 2012

“The greatest gift I’ve received from being a student of Helen is the ability to grow as an artist through sharing with others.  I’ve learned to embrace what I’m most passionate about and inspired by in my own work, which has brought new life to my work for others to appreciate and connect with.  As I’ve become a teacher of art, I’ve followed Helen’s wisdom and example of being authentic and genuine with the participants of my workshops, seeing myself as an equal in the process of learning and teaching.  I’ve learned from Helen how to celebrate art and grow together with other artists, which has been the number one faculty that has sustained me through the years and allowed me to succeed.”

Tony Hendrick

Artist, Michigan, USA

“Helen’s artisan tour is wonderful. For those of us who live here and have already seen the top sites, it’s a great change of pace. Of course anyone would enjoy it, even the tourist who has only a few days in Florence, because it shows another side of the city, literally, the Oltrarno. Helen, an artist herself, has a lovely way of putting the visits together in order to suit her specific audience. The plan was to visit four different artisans in their respective workshops, but we got a bonus peek at another one and a few other interesting tid-bits here and there as we walked about in this less touristy area of town. Finishing up with a glass of vino sfuso was a very pleasant way to wrap up our tour. Thanks, Helen!”

Anne Barneby

Hi Helen:

“We just returned from Italy and just want to say we enjoyed our tour with you!  Your insight into the Medici Family and the David made our time with you a memorable and learning experience.  Thanks and I will be happy to recommend you when I hear a friend is on her way to Florence.  Ciao!”

Tara Shannon and Hugh Johnson

Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, Hugh Johnson Advisors

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